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Jun 15

Researching is Emotional: Building Your Research Care Package

June 15 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

This workshop aims to create a space where we can discuss, with freedom and peer-support, a range of ethical issues that we could encounter during fieldwork, and a range of issues that make doing research more difficult. Some of the examples we draw upon may sound unusual, others will be very familiar. We will also how the traditional isolationist nature of PhD work, results in us individualising experience and internalising issues as a personal-failure. Given the context of academia, this workshop aims to offer possible frameworks of support. Whilst called ‘self care’, the aim is to consider before work gets too challenging, how we can re-balance our commitments, including a commitment to deliver strong, rigorous, difficult research, in order to achieve our desired outcomes with well-being intact. We will also consider the limitations of ‘self-care’ and when collective or institutional care might be more appropriate. The workshop will introduce different strategies and there will be time to discuss and reflect on what may work well for you.

The workshop will operate through a series of activities and short lectures. It is ok to participate through watching, rather than acting if this feels safer to you, though there are spaces where we encourage reflexive working and it may help this if you can contribute in small-group tasks.


Delivered by Dr Jo Ferrie and Hazel Marzetti , University of Glasgow


Online via Zoom


Dr Jo Ferrie
Attendance: 46 / 46